Does Your Dog Suffer from Secondary Traumatic Stress?


Dogs can suffer from Secondary Traumatic Stress, otherwise known as Compassion Fatigue; especially if your dog is acting in the capacity as a Service Dog or a Therapy Dog. Also, Rescue Dogs have issues that need attention in a special way. The various types of dogs ranging from pets to specially trained dogs all require down time to recharge their batteries. Unresolved Stress causes deregulations in their energetic systems. While music is a valuable resource for humans, dogs have frequency requirements not contained in any of the music created for humans.

The "Meridian Organ Tonal System" music project, started by me in the 1990's, was created with the energetic system in mind, using the ancient documents from the East as source material. To my knowledge no one else has been successful in corresponding the authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) documents to Western Music Theory & Composition. My system has been recognized by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

The 12 Ordinary Meridians that circulate throughout your dog's body are the same as the 12 Ordinary Meridians circulating in our bodies. Although we share all these commonalities it is advisable to use earphones on your dog and then leave the room during the session.

There is great potential for bringing Secondary Traumatic Stress to zero severity enabling the Service Dog to transfer a cleared Meridian System back to the person suffering from Traumatic Stress. However...

* Warning: This is not a substitute for medical treatment. We do not prescribe, diagnose or make allopathic medical claims. (Do not use while driving a car or operating machinery.)

This music addresses all 12 Energy Centers along with the 5 Elements - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal to keep your dog's energy centers in optimum condition; working at the Body, Mind & Spirit levels.

A play list has been created that your dog can listen to each day. The hearing range of a dog is from 64 Hz to 44,000 Hz. The range of the Meridian Music (Transitions) range from 73.42 Hz to 1108.73 Hz tending toward the lower range in order maintain groundedness.


Transitions Portal

Simply focus on "What does my pet need to hear right now
in order to have a cleared energetic system?" Then click on Player 2.
One Transition will appear for your pet to listen to.

There are 3 settings available on Player.


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